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[Updated] Health-e News, Code4SA launch new medicines pricing app

Ever wondered if you’re paying too much for your prescriptions? Use our new, free app and find out

Did you know medicine prices are regulated in South Africa? Use our app to avoid paying too much

Did you know medicine prices are regulated in South Africa? Use our app to avoid paying too much

Created by the non-profit Code4SA, the new app uses the latest single exit prices for medicines to let you see if you are paying too much for medication.

In 2004, the government introduced a single exit price mechanism for medicines to put a stop to discounts and additional levies on medicines. The mechanism now lists the maximum price for most medicines. However, dispensers may charge an additional dispensing fee depending on the price of the medicine.

Using the latest single exit prices, our new free app allows you to check what price you should be paying for your prescriptions – and whether cheaper generics are available. Once you know if a generic option exists, you can ask your doctor whether the generic medication is right for you.

This new features is part of our recently re-designed website. Have feedback on our new look? You can let us know by emailing editor(at)

[Updated 19 February 9:32am: Health-e News would like to thank readers who have pointed out that the single exit prices used in the app are in fact not the most recent figures. Health-e News and Code4SA regret the error and are working to amend the app. In the meantime, prices given by the app should be considered an approximation.]

[Updated 2 March 8:31am: Code4SA and Health-e News have now updated the prices featured in the application. We are grateful to University of KwaZulu-Natal’s Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine pharmacist and senior lecturer Andy Gray for his assistance in this matter.]


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