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Helping young women retain their dignity

January 2, 2017
Gender   News   Women's Health  

The Princess Campaign – a new project spearheaded by Jozi FM – aims to ensure that 651 Joburg schoolgirls between the ages of 12 and 15 no longer have to miss school because of their monthly cycle.

Nurse training on contraceptives needed

December 30, 2016
Gender   News   OurHealth   Reproductive Health   Women's Health  

Lack of proper training on Long Acting Reversible Contraceptives (LARC) leads to a high rate of accidental pregnancies within the first year of use. In South Africa as many as 600 000 women experience unwanted pregnancies due to contraceptive failure. Globally the rated of accidental pregnancies is 40%. This should not have to be.

HIV won’t take away my smile

Accepting a positive HIV status can be difficult: One Free State woman shares her journey.

HIV+ SA children can benefit from new software tool

November 28, 2016
HIV and AIDS   HIV Prevention   HIV Treatment   News   Women's Health  

With a new online tool, doctors, public healthcare workers can track who is, and isn’t, doing well on HIV treatment, in real time.

patient transport overnight accommodation

Limpopo Health Department steps in to help young mother after horrifying four month ordeal at public hospital

November 9, 2016
News   OurHealth   Women's Health  

LOUIS TRICHARD – Ongoing bleeding and repeatedly failed efforts to stitch her up have left a young Limpopo woman battling to recover from childbirth, as the Health Department promises to step in and help.

Eating soil has become an addiction for many African women

WHILE eating soil has become an addiction for many African women in KwaZulu Natal, and other provinces around South Africa – it is a health issue triggered by iron and mineral deficiencies and can be treated.

Woman remains positive she will be cured of her rare disease

October 20, 2016
Diseases and Disorders   OurHealth   Women's Health  

A 34-year-old Soweto woman, who contracted a rare and debilitating illness two years ago, has chosen to be upbeat about her experience and wants to raise awareness of the condition.