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AIDS vaccine attracts diverse volunteers

November 14, 2003
HIV and AIDS   HIV Prevention   Vaccines  

Worlds apart, yet united by common purpose, two very different South Africans choose to become part of the AIDS solution.

Gender a factor in vaccine trialLiving with AIDS #151

November 7, 2003
HIV and AIDS   HIV Prevention   Vaccines  

South Africa ushered in a milestone event in the history of HIV/AIDS this week when the first of two human clinical trials of an HIV vaccine started in Durban and Johannesburg. Recent studies have shown that the efficacy of a vaccine can vary between men and women and so there has been a special effort […]

Worms can compromise AIDS vaccine

July 27, 2001

Scientists need to take into account that worm infestation could compromise the success of a potential AIDS vaccine as is the case with established vaccines against viral diseases such as cholera and tuberculosis, local researchers have warned.