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Villagers’ treacherous journey for healthcare

March 29, 2019

For KwaMhlanga villagers seeking healthcare may actually kill them. Many residents of the Eastern Cape village have deserted health services due to the alarming rate of rape and murders in a forest separating the village and the clinic in Flagstaff town.

Disability activist on a drive to get people to walk in her shoes

December 31, 2018
Disability   Women's Health  

Masingita Masungu is embarking on an epic journey from Cape Town to Cairo to celebrate Africa’s diversity as she spreads her message: “Walk in my shoes”.

Women’s Backstreet Choices

October 23, 2018

WATCH: Health-e’s documentary on the abortion stigma women face every day in South Africa.

Abused Limpopo woman uses poetry to heal

September 4, 2018
News   OurHealth  

After spending 17 years in an abusive marriage, Koena Selemela (46), penned her experience in a book called Healing Poems. This is an anthology documenting details of her horrific past as they unfolded every day.

Rural disabled women shine in beauty contest

August 21, 2018

LIMPOPO – After realising that most disabled women in rural areas have extremely limited opportunities, a company known as Unique Me – which strives to empower disabled people – hosted a beauty contest for disabled women.

Women use gardening to fight malnutrition in their village

September 19, 2017
News   OurHealth  

The Bomme Ke Nako food garden project is situated 55 kilometres outside Kuruman in a village called Vergenoeg.

Patient distressed by 6-year wait for surgery

February 27, 2017
News   OurHealth   Public Health & Health Systems  

The long waiting list for operations at one of the continent’s biggest hospitals is causing anxiety for a Soweto woman who has been told she has to wait until 2023 for an operation.