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Will villages across SA remain without water after elections?

May 13, 2019
Opinion & Commentary  

South Africans want actual change as the dust of elections settles, but will it come?

The politics of dry taps and broken toilets

June 6, 2016
Municipal Elections  

Ongoing water shortages and broken toilets are sparking protests in Limpopo and Mpumalanga in the run-up to the municipal elections.

Water restored at Sibasa Clinic

June 2, 2016
Water & Sanitation  

The drought in Limpopo has had a dire effect on patients at a local clinic who were unable to use the toilets as there was no running water. But now, after months of sitting with this problem, things have improved...

Nelspruit township goes weeks without water

As the country continues to weather a severe drought, parts of Nelspruit’s KaBokweni townships have been without water for three weeks after government departments scramble to secure the water supplies of Themba Hospital and the local clinic.

New Limpopo dam to quench villagers’ thirst

August 13, 2015
OurHealth   Water & Sanitation  

A new dam is set to provide 10 Limpopo villages with access to clean, reliable water after years of complaints by local residents.