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Innocence for Sale

July 26, 2013
Gender   HIV and AIDS   Multimedia   Women's Health  

Health-e investigate the real life implications of Sugar Daddy relationships on the lives of young South African women.

Picking up the Pieces

Health-e’s latest documentary, “Picking up the Pieces” will be aired tonight (Tues) on 3rd Degree (e-TV) at 9.30pm. See the nurses in action dealing particularly with the huge rise in child rape cases, and find out how this specialisation is dying because it does not get proper recognition from the health authorities.

F. W. de Klerk speaks out about his cancer experience

February 28, 2013
Cancer and Tobacco Control   Multimedia  

MEDIA RELEASE: Former president and Nobel Peace Prize winner, F. W. de Klerk knows exactly how colorectal cancer can affect someone. He was diagnosed with this type of cancer in 2006 and has been in remission for seven years now. His surprise diagnosis has made him realise that this sensitive type of cancer needs to […]

The Hidden Epidemic

March 29, 2012
Multimedia   Tuberculosis (TB)  

Despite being a major childhood killer, the plight of children with Tuberculosis has largely been ignored.

A Calling

January 25, 2012
Multimedia   Rural Health  

The inspiring stories of two rural youth who overcame the impossible in order to serve and save their communities.

Behind Her Smile

This week on Special Assignment, Health-e follows a single mother and her battle against breast cancer. Wednesday at 9:30PM on SABC 3.

A new lease on life

Hospice offers care that focuses on alleviating pain of very ill patients, as well as providing emotional support and counselling to them and their families. Whilst many hospice patients are terminally ill, some are able to recover through the wonderful care they receive.