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Medicine price transparency is a sticky issue at WHA

May 27, 2019

The World Health Assembly reports that universal health coverage is gaining momentum, but many governments are intent on keeping their medicine prices secret.

Urban-rural inequalities will hamper a successful NHI

April 10, 2019

Rural areas bear the brunt of healthcare worker shortages and this inequality needs to be solved, before any form of National Health Insurance (NHI) is possible.

#Elections2019: Parties pledge universal health, but lack detail

April 8, 2019

How ‘universal’ is the universal health coverage envisaged by the National Health Insurance scheme? The draft law contains xenophobic rhetoric, but the country’s main political parties offer very few alternatives in the manifestos.

Health staff shortages make NHI a ‘pipe dream’

December 12, 2018

Universal health coverage (UHC) or National Health Insurance (NHI) will remain a “pipe dream” if human resources for health, especially in rural areas, aren’t urgently addressed.

Massive shake-up of health laws ahead of NHI

June 20, 2018

Health Minister tells MPs to ready themselves to dismantle health laws to make way for a universal health system – the National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme.

‘All roads lead to universal health coverage’

May 22, 2018

Countries around the world are making progress in improving access to healthcare for their citizens, and Rwanda has managed to cover 90 percent of citizens, the World Health Assembly hears.