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Township artist uses art to celebrate unique skin

March 6, 2019

Vitiligo, albinism and freckles are relatively known as the skin conditions that make affected individuals seem different from their peers resulting to confidence loss and distress, artist Mandilakhe Rolinyathi celebrates their unique skin through artwork with the aim of unsettling stigma.

President’s broken promise leaves disabled kids desperate

February 20, 2019

The founder of Tembisa’s only care facility for children with disabilities is confused after land promised to them by the president has not materialised.

Disabled youth uses practical skills to raise funds

January 9, 2019

Young adults with learning disabilities or physical challenges – often ridiculed and shamed – are the focus of a Tembisa training centre developed to address their specific needs.

Hope for stigmatised female nyaope addicts

November 23, 2018

A group of women, all committed to supporting women in Tembisa who are battling with drugs and alcohol, have formed the Heart to Heart with Women (HHW) in an effort to make sure the addicts are not further isolated from the community.

Tembisa residents get malaria tests

November 15, 2018

EKURHULENI – Tembisa residents have been targeted by health officials in a pre-Christmas push to test people for malaria and make them aware of the need to protect themselves ahead of time if they are planning to head into malaria risk areas over the holidays.

Unemployment prevents healthy eating

August 16, 2018

While health experts advise people to stick to a healthy diet, the current economic climate is making this difficult for many.

Township wait 20 years for a new hospital

January 24, 2018

Despite plans for the building of Daveyton Hospital having been approved in 2006, 11 years have passed and it has yet to become a reality.