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Proposed tobacco regulations more than “smoke and mirrors”

Health-e journalist Wilma Stassen responds to a recent News24 column and argues science backs proposed regulations curbing the amount of tobacco you see at the tills.

Leading medical journal refuses to publish studies backed by tobacco firms

October 21, 2013
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Publishers of the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and related publications have joined others in boycotting research funded by the tobacco industry.

Even light smokers more than twice as likely to die

October 21, 2013
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Smoking even ten cigarettes a day can increase your risk of death, according to a recent study that reveals smoking is even deadlier than previously thought.

Tobacco control: Then and now

October 18, 2013
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Health-e News takes a look back at South Africa’s history of tobacco control.

At a glance: Smoking risks during pregnancy

Smoking during pregnancy holds many risks for both mom and baby – see how in this infographic.

Taxes, bans save millions from tobacco deaths

October 9, 2013
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Anti-smoking measures like tobacco advertising and public smoking bans, as well as higher taxes on tobacco products could prevent tens of millions of deaths across the world, according to recent research.

At a glance: Tobacco and your body

October 4, 2013
Cancer and Tobacco Control   News  

Causing cataracts to cancer, smoking can affect every part of your body – see how in this graphic.