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Health screening hotspot identified

April 11, 2019

John Phati (42) from Tembisa gets tested for HIV at least twice a year because he doesn’t like using condoms even though he has multiple sexual partners.

Tembisa residents get malaria tests

November 15, 2018

EKURHULENI – Tembisa residents have been targeted by health officials in a pre-Christmas push to test people for malaria and make them aware of the need to protect themselves ahead of time if they are planning to head into malaria risk areas over the holidays.

Quicker TB test available for HIV patients in SA

July 27, 2017
HIV and AIDS   News  

A quicker, simpler test for tuberculosis (TB) in people living with HIV is not being used widely enough in South Africa, despite new evidence of its benefits, according to international humanitarian organisation Doctors Without Borders (MSF).