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Hard to overcome childhood obesity

November 8, 2017

It can be beaten but it isn’t easy: Childhood obesity is in the spotlight as government votes on a tax for sugary drinks – a major cause of excess body fat.

Sugar tax: Job losses lower than industry’s projections

June 23, 2017

There are concerns that the beverage industry could be using the sugar tax as a ‘smokescreen’ to justify already-planned job cuts.

Junk food, junk status cause skyrocketing medical costs

April 24, 2017

Medical costs expected to skyrocket after South Africa’s credit rating downgrade to junk status.

Getting to the heart of heartburn

January 4, 2017
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Ash is used as a home remedy for heartburn – however, something that could actually bring heartburn relief is fighting obesity. This is according to Dr Anish Sheth, a gastroenterologists and assistant professor of medicine at Yale University, who says people are at higher risk of having heartburn when they are obese.

Rural pupils choose junk food over feeding scheme offerings

October 21, 2016
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The Department of Education in Limpopo has introduced feeding schemes at all rural schools in the province in an effort to promote healthy eating habits among learners, yet many children are choosing unhealthy food sold by the hawkers outside the...

Sugary drinks tax a bitter pill for beverage association

August 23, 2016

Monday’s deadline for comment and responses by industry stakeholders and the public to Treasury’s proposal that a tax be imposed on sugary drinks has kicked the conflict between those in favour of the measure and those against it into high gear.

The big sugar battle

August 15, 2016

Tax sugary drinks, says government. Unfair discrimination, say beverage companies. What is the best way to address our fat nation?