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Broken promises leave women disillusioned ahead of elections

April 29, 2019

As the country heads to the polls, young women and gender non-conforming people feel failed by the governing party and have little hope in its rivals.

The secret pain of sex workers and their children

August 14, 2018

Most sex workers hide what they do for a living from those closest to them – especially their own children, causing pain and distrust mainly because South Africa does not legitimise their work.

Dudu Dlamini: From poverty to sex work

August 13, 2018

This women’s month, we speak to Dlamini on her activism, feminism and her goal to see the profession of sex work decriminalised.

Sex, drugs and Amsterdam – is tolerance the answer?

July 30, 2018

Amsterdam’s tolerance of sex work and recreational drugs has translated into better health outcomes for its citizens. Can its approach be adopted by other countries where HIV thrives in the shadows?

Criminal system dehumanises sex workers

October 2, 2017

Sex workers are more likely to be victimised, raped and killed than other women at the hands of both police and clients. As long as sex work remains illegal individuals are left at the mercy of a dehumanising system. Any conversation on rape needs the input of sex workers: one of the most vulnerable communities.

Sex workers to remain ‘criminals’?

May 29, 2017

Government has been advised not to decriminalise sex work in the very week that a special clinic for sex workers and drug users was opened in Cape Town.

Sex workers unite against police

July 22, 2016
AIDS 2016  

Sex workers find a way past the everyday violence and abuse they experience at the hands of law enforcement – by becoming activists.