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Let’s talk about sex, says Stop the Spot founder

May 7, 2019

LIMPOPO – To curb the spread of sexual infections and the high rate of teen pregnancies in rural villages in Vhembe district, 23-year-old student Avhasei Raphalalani is teaching young people about sex and hygiene.

‘I speak to my daughter about sex’ says single dad

November 1, 2018

A single father of a 14-year-old daughter says the days are gone when it was taboo for dads to speak to their daughters about sex.

Blessers: A short cut to a short life

April 10, 2017
HIV Prevention   News  

A production by the National Children’s Theatre brings to light the shocking normalisation and risks of the pervasive blesser-blessee phenomenon in South Africa writes Kim Harrisberg.

Norah takes sex education to schools

April 5, 2017
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

Diagnosed HIV positive at birth, pregnant at 16, raped at 19 – a young woman raised in Soweto is using her own life experiences to teach young people about HIV and unwanted pregnancy.

Sex education must start as early as Grade R

With many children becoming sexually active at 14 years old, the Department of Basic Education’s Chief Director for Care and Support in Schools Dr Faith Kumalo has warned that sex education and life skills must begin as early as Grade R.