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NHI: Anaesthesiologists looking to leave SA

According to the South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASA), data from their members showed that almost a fifth of the country’s 2826 specialist anaesthesiologists are “vulnerable to move or leave South Africa”.

Want to know how good your doctor is?

August 31, 2017
Health Management  

If patients had better information about private health providers, this would stimulate competition, says the Health Market Inquiry

New private clinic opens in Winterveld

February 25, 2015
Health Management   OurHealth  

A new private clinic in Winterveld is one of about 90 such private clinics to be rolled out in the next three years by non-profit company Unjani Clinics.

Poor service also at private hospitals

There is a big difference between hospitals in the private sector in much the same way that there are wide disparities in care across public health facilities and provinces, according to Discovery Health CEO Dr Jonathan Broomberg.