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Urban-rural inequalities will hamper a successful NHI

April 10, 2019

Rural areas bear the brunt of healthcare worker shortages and this inequality needs to be solved, before any form of National Health Insurance (NHI) is possible.

Joburg girl battles TB stigma on the global stage

October 30, 2018

THE HAGUE: During the launch of a new book which tells the story about their tuberculosis (TB) journey, Janet, and her nine-year-old daughter Angelina, spoke to Health-e News from the Netherlands about the stigma they faced in a local pre-school.

CT residents are the fittest, and the best drivers

September 13, 2018

Cape Town is the fittest city according to Discovery, and the people also drive better.

Massive changes proposed to private medical schemes

June 22, 2018

Two new Bills signal government’s intention to restrict private medical aids and exercise more central control over public health as it moves to establish a single health system by 2026.

Shoshanguve opens new private hospital

September 5, 2014
Health Management   OurHealth  

Shoshanguve recently opened its new, 100-bed hospital just one year after construction on the facility started.

Report: Summary of Competition Commission submissions

Public interest organisation Section27 has summarised inputs from the Department of Health, medical schemes, civil society and others on documents set to form the base of the Competition Commission market inquiry into the private health care sector.

Doctors need not panic over ‘certificates of need’

Doctors do not need to panic about being forced to work in places where they do not want to, according to the Department of Health.