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SA sleeping on the most successful HIV weapons

December 3, 2018

Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), taken as a once-daily pill, has been hailed the world over as one of the major HIV prevention interventions in the fight against AIDS. Yet, apart form sex workers, very few South Africans are using PrEP or even know it exists.

HIV: One child infected every two minutes

November 30, 2018

AIDS kills 76 adolescents around the world every day, and some 360 000 will die by 2030 unless “urgent” action is taken.

Helping ‘PrEP Shop Boys’ to get drugs

July 23, 2018
AIDS 2018  

On the eve of the international AIDS conference in Amsterdam, a South African doctor and a Dutch AIDS activist explain how they smuggled HIV medicine from South Africa to Amsterdam in a nifty inversion of the usual foreign aid story.

HIV negative sex workers find it hard to take ARVs

December 1, 2017
AIDS 2017  

Despite being offered a daily pill to protect them from HIV, almost three-quarters of women sex workers had stopped taking the pills after a year.

Sex workers to remain ‘criminals’?

May 29, 2017

Government has been advised not to decriminalise sex work in the very week that a special clinic for sex workers and drug users was opened in Cape Town.

Making the dwindling AIDS dollars go further

July 18, 2016
AIDS 2016  

As HIV donor funding dwindles, the world is looking for ways to make less money go further – and one of the best investments is using ARVs to prevent new infections in people most at risk.

One pill a day to keep HIV at bay for thousands of sex workers

One pill a day will soon help keep thousands of sex workers HIV-free as South Africa is expected to announce today that it will provide antiretrovirals to thousands HIV-negative sex workers in a bid to keep them HIV free.