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Help at last for disabled student’s sleep stresses 

August 24, 2016
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A 19 year-old disabled student at the University of Venda, experienced going to bed at night as an extremely stressful end to his day. But thanks to a special new bed he has been given, he can now sleep happily.

Sugary drinks tax a bitter pill for beverage association

August 23, 2016

Monday’s deadline for comment and responses by industry stakeholders and the public to Treasury’s proposal that a tax be imposed on sugary drinks has kicked the conflict between those in favour of the measure and those against it into high gear.

The big sugar battle

August 15, 2016

Tax sugary drinks, says government. Unfair discrimination, say beverage companies. What is the best way to address our fat nation?  

Don’t target kids with junk food ads says UN

The United Nations (UN) has called on governments of its member states to outlaw the marketing of unhealthy foods and drinks to children.

Dying to be a woman in South Africa

August 8, 2016

From violent male partners to vaginal bacteria that make a woman more likely to get HIV, it is dangerous to be a women in South Africa.

How to counter the dangers of sitting

July 28, 2016

A new study found that one hour of daily exercise can completely eliminate the health risks of prolonged sitting.

Rural grannies walk for health

June 30, 2016
OurHealth   Rural Health  

In a remote rural village, community leaders are educating the elderly about how to stay healthy