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Rural grannies walk for health

June 30, 2016
OurHealth   Rural Health  

In a remote rural village, community leaders are educating the elderly about how to stay healthy

maternal deaths

Strategy: The Prevention and Control of Obesity in South Africa 2015-2020

The 57-page strategy document focuses on six broad goals including preventing childhood obesity, enabling access to healthy food and promoting physical activity.

More food, more weight gain

The greater availability of food, rather than our sedentary lifestyles, are responsible for our expanding waistlines, says a new report.

South Africa: A fat, hungry nation

Food is a big issue in South Africa – we’re the fattest country in sub-Saharan Africa and one of the 20 fattest countries in the world. At the same time, one in every four South Africans regularly go hungry

What’s driving cancer in South Africa

On World Cancer Day, Health-e News gives you an overview of what is driving cancer in South Africa, and how to reduce your risk.

Learning the hard way to love her body

As South Africans’ waistlines continue to grow, one Mpumalanga woman tells OurHealth about how weight problems have followed her through life like a shadow – and so did low self-esteem.

South Africa’s battle of the bulge

Diets have made headlines this year with experts debating what South Africans should or shouldn’t be eating. As National Obesity Week kicks off, experts agree that South Africans need to lose weight.