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Mom bans junk after 5-year-old son hits 45kg

December 13, 2016
Children's Health   OurHealth  

A mother, upset about her five-year-old son having become extremely overweight, has managed to resolve the situation by seeking help from a counsellor and dietician.

Video: Is it time to cut out sugary drinks?

Is being hospitalised enough motivation to implement tough lifestyle changes – starting with going cold turkey on sugary drinks? We bring you the story of one man who is on the brink of this decision, while his state of health hangs in the balance.

How South Africa can beat its sugar-fuelled diabetes epidemic

November 27, 2016
News   Public Health & Health Systems  

Four times as many people have Type II diabetes today as 36 years ago, according to the World Health Organisation. In 1980, 108 million people were diagnosed with diabetes worldwide. By 2014, the figure was 422 million writes Dr Sundeep Ruder.

Video: Sugary drinks fuel taxi drivers

Taxi drivers spend long hours on the road which often leaves them with very little time to consider a healthy diet, so they turn to sugary drinks for energy and sustenance.

Video: No quick fix for overcoming Obesity

November 16, 2016
Diabetes   Multimedia   Obesity  

Manie Pretorius used to be a sports enthusiast who weighed just 70 kilograms. Just a few years and a knee injury later, Pretorius weighed almost 200 kilograms. He had become obese and his state of health was on the decline.

Diabetes and inequality: Most Africans undiagnosed

Almost a century after the discovery of insulin diabetes is still killing many people, especially those in poorer nations.

Globally renowned health experts add their names to call for sugar tax in SA

November 8, 2016

Scholars and academics from leading universities around the world have added their voices to the call for the implementation of a tax on sugary drinks in South Africa.