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Officials vow to keep an eye on initiates

June 11, 2019

Limpopo health officials will be monitoring initiation schools to ensure that there is complete compliance as the winter initiation school season begins.

CHAPS promote MMC over mountain initiations

May 25, 2018
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LIMPOPO – As June fast approaches many young boys in the Vhembe district will be sent to mountain schools for circumcision at the annual winter initiation schools.

Actor to be circumcised – along with 2000 others

March 10, 2017
HIV Prevention   Men's Health  

Popular soapie actor Kagiso Modupe has, at the age of 33, has decided to be circumcised as a public show of his support of the practice – and is inviting other uncircumcised men to join him.

Added benefits to ‘the snip’

December 30, 2015
HIV Prevention   Men's Health   OurHealth  

Medical male circumcision campaigns have an added bonus, say HIV activists who add that as more and more men line up for “the snip”– more men are learning their HIV statuses.

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Fact sheet: South Africa’s HIV programme by numbers

A new fact sheet details the achievements of South Africa’s HIV programme, which initiated more than 600,000 people on antiretroviral treatment in 2014/15.

Sex after “the snip”

One couple talks to Health-e News about sex after “the snip” of medical male circumcision.

Medical male circumcision becomes the ‘in’ thing

September 29, 2014
HIV Prevention   Men's Health   News  

Younger men say voluntary medical male circumcision is becoming cool among peers as the country continues rolling out new method.