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‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ – lessons from Australia

December 7, 2001
Public Health & Health Systems  

Despite similar incidence of skin cancer in Australia and South Africa, the authorities “down under” have acted far more decisively to ensure that the public understands the dangers of over-exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. South Africa needs to get beyond the misperception that skin cancer is something that affects only a pale minority. by […]

Whatever skin you’re in, cover up

December 7, 2001
Public Health & Health Systems  

Skin cancer is not a disease that threatens only fair-skinned South Africans. Darker skins are at risk too and everyone should take protection against the dangers of melanoma. by Tim Dodd

Health summit must plan for antiretroviral therapy – TAC

November 20, 2001
HIV and AIDS  

The Treatment Action Campaign says the benefits of antiretroviral therapy far outweigh the risks and has called on delegates at the National Health Summit to begin to examine how such therapy can be made available to South Africans with AIDS through the public health service. by Tim Dodd

Weighing up anti-malaria drugs

November 8, 2001
Pharmaceutical Drugs  

For South Africans living in malaria areas, DDT and bednets are among the means of combating malaria mosquitoes on a seasonal basis. For travellers to these parts, the side-effects of certain anti-malaria tablets are so severe that some are opting for sensible clothing and insect repellent as their prophylaxis of choice. by Tim Dodd

Hope for the future: Ugandan youth turn back the HIV tide

July 14, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

“If you have a very big elephant and you want to eat it up, you start from all corners. That way you’€™ll finish it up.” So says Edith Mukisa, the founder of Uganda’€™s Teenage HIV/AIDS Clinic in Naguru, just outside the capital Kampala.This is the philosophy that lies at the core of Uganda’€™s multi-sectoral response […]