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Malaria reported in Limpopo

September 23, 2014

Gundani about 150 kms west of Louis Trichardt is seeing an increase in malaria cases after initial reports this winter, according to health workers and community members.

Migrant nurse tells of UK experience

For the last 10 years, professional nurse AILEEN TURNER has commuted between Cape Town and London in an attempt to make a decent living doing what she does best.

Doctors forced to commit fraud

The commuted overtime system in Western Cape hospitals is so out of touch with reality that it cannot be implemented without resorting to widespread fraud. Dr Louis Reynolds, Senior Specialist at Red Cross Children’€™s Hospital shares his personal views in this month’€™s edition of Critical Health Perspectives.

Funding will determine scope of ARV roll out

August 13, 2003
HIV Treatment  

Preparation for the roll-out of a state-funded antiretroviral treatment programme requires not only careful co-ordination, but a rigorous debate on how much money should be spent on the programme and where it will come from. by Dr. Nicoli Nattrass

Speech by Stephen Lewis, UN Special Envoy on HIV/AIDS in Africa

August 7, 2003
HIV and AIDS  

I’ve been in this Envoy role for just over two years. The issues related to the pandemic ebb and flow, but remain much the same — care, prevention, treatment, stigma, discrimination, gender, orphans, leadership — they all continue to reverberate, unceasingly, as we struggle to overcome HIV/AIDS.

Full text of the Minister of Health’s Budget Speech

May 14, 2003
Health Funding  

Read the full text of the Minster of Health’€™s budget speech presented to parliament on May 13.

Youth bear brunt of impact – new report

July 11, 2002
HIV and AIDS  

A report released at the Barcelona International AIDS conference says that if current trends continue, the number of young people living with HIV/AIDS could rise from the present estimate of 12,4 million to 21,5 million by the end of this decade. This has particular implications for sub-Saharan Africa where large proportions of many country’s populations […]