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Hundred-year old primary school still has pit toilets

July 29, 2013
Environmental Health   OurHealth  

One of the oldest Primary Schools in Limpopo, Lukau Primary, does not have toilets.

Clinic has no water to wash newborns

July 26, 2013
Environmental Health   OurHealth  

Matavhela Clinic in Vhembe has had no running water for three weeks.

Community cleans clinic

Community members and patients of Matavhela Clinic in Vhembe spent their 67 minutes on Mandela Day cleaning their clinic, but they don’t only help on one day a year, because they say they value their clinic highly.

Only son lost to botched circumcision

July 26, 2013
Male Circumcision   OurHealth  

At Ngalavhani village in Vhembe parents are grieving the loss of their only son after complications from the circumcision he got he got during initiation rights in the mountain.

Hospital gets water due to councillor’s quick action

July 23, 2013

Hardly twenty days after he promised to deliver water to Donald Frazer Hospital, Vhembe Executive Mayor Tshitereke Matibe has lived up to his promise by having a borehole drilled at the hospital.

No home after floods

July 5, 2013

Vhembe – OurHealth recently spent time with a woman in Mfulwi Village, who has no proper housing after it was destroyed by the floods, but has six children to care for.

Long road to health

Vhembe – Villagers in Gumela, Musunda, Tshitanzhe and Tshikotoni have to literally travel or walk for hours to Matavhela clinic, their closest healthcare facilities.