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Our obesity epidemic is not a personal choice

October 12, 2018

The pandemic of obesity in South Africa is a result of our ‘Americanised’ food environment and the responsibility should be shifted from individuals to government policies, according to experts.

Dodge junk food, warn nutritionists

September 11, 2018

Most people know junk food is unhealthy – but they still eat it. Health-e News spoke to some residents of Flagstaff in the Eastern Cape to find out about their sugary habits.

Expert weighs in on ‘extremely unhealthy’ kota

August 28, 2018

A new fast food is on the rise in South Africa’s townships – spatlho, commonly known as bunny chow. You can find a spatlho outlet on almost every corner in Ikageng, a township in the North West province.

Healthy eating in schools addressed by community engagement

July 27, 2018

One in every five pre-school children in South Africa do not receive adequate nutrition, negatively impacting their development. But at the same time, many are already overweight or obese.

Restricting junk food ads: Censorship or health protection?

November 23, 2017
Opinion & Commentary  

Colombian activists fighting against junk food recently won an important victory in their Consitutional Court

‘Hungry people are angry people’

November 6, 2017
News   Nutrition  

Fourteen million South Africans are going to bed hungry every night. But the handover of land to farm workers in Rustler’s Valley, initiated by activists Jay and Kumi Naidoo and Gino Govender, is enabling once destitute people to feed themselves

Ban junk food adverts?

September 26, 2017

For the first time in world history, there are more obese than underweight people. Both are symptoms of malnutrition, part of a global food system geared towards profits. Activists want a radical shift in the entire food system, including a total ban on junk food advertising. Is it possible and will it make a difference?