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Officials vow to keep an eye on initiates

June 11, 2019

Limpopo health officials will be monitoring initiation schools to ensure that there is complete compliance as the winter initiation school season begins.

Traditional healers debate initiation school age

September 18, 2018

EASTERN CAPE – Whether young men are ready for initiation school at the age of 16, or if they should wait until they are 18 was the basis of heated discussions among traditional healers at the recent public hearings into the Customary Initiation Bill held at the Club House Hall in Flagstaff.

Addressing the wrongs of the rites of passage

July 26, 2016

Three years after a young man was abducted and killed at an initiation school, some schools are working with Western doctor to safeguard initiates’ health.

Mothers say ‘no’ to bush initiation

June 22, 2016
Rural Health  

Rural Vhembe mothers in Limpopo have refused to send their sons to bush initiation schools this year saying they valued their sons lives more than they did the age-old tradition.