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Cancer and HIV fields collaborate for a cure

August 7, 2017

Revolutions in cancer treatment are being tested in HIV in the hopes it will bring the world closer to a cure.

How Swaziland is beating down HIV

July 25, 2017

The Kingdom of Swaziland, the country worst-affected by HIV on the planet, has made monumental gains in the fight against AIDS in the past five years.

World on track to meet HIV goals – UNAIDS

July 20, 2017

We are closer than ever before to ending AIDS but there is much still to do, according to a new report.

A lifetime of swallowing pills

Balancing HIV treatment with a myriad of ‘lifestyle’ diseases such as diabetes and hypertension is tricky. Patients have to take lots of pills, some medicines interact badly and there are side effects. But this is the future in our clinics as HIV positive patients age and poor diet and lack of exercise take their toll.

RIP Prudence Mabele, iconic AIDS activist

July 11, 2017
HIV and AIDS  

One of South Africa’s key AIDS activists, Prudence Mabele, passed away this week from complications relating to tuberculosis. She reflected on her life in this interview with Health-e in late 2016

SA’s new HIV snag: Patients on ART think they’re cured

June 14, 2017
HIV Treatment   News  

On the eve of South Africa’s national AIDS conference taking place in Durban this week, Health-e News has found that people are defaulting on their ARVs and posing a risk to others.

HIV activists warn of “unravelling” AIDS response

June 13, 2017
HIV and AIDS   News  

The country’s most influential AIDS advocacy organisations have announced they may withdraw from SANAC, following allegations of corruption.