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#SAAIDS2019: When HIV and weight stigma collide

June 11, 2019

The association of thinness with being sick still plagues society and continues to fuel HIV stigma, and possibly non-communicable diseases.

HIV+ woman beats anger and denial

September 5, 2018

Mpumalanga – A young woman says HIV will not claim her life. Khosi Zitha said before she accepted her HIV status she battled with denial and anger. The 24-year-old told Health-e News that she could not cope because three of her siblings, who had been HIV-positive, had died.

Managing pain – not death

August 6, 2018

Hospices are associated with dying, but many simply help people to cope with the pain or the psychosocial problems they are experiencing rather than preparing them to die. Health-e’s AMY GREEN reports.

Stigma not a distant memory for those living with HIV

December 8, 2015
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

When Ndlela Howard Dhlamini disclosed his HIV-positive status more than a decade ago, ignorance about HIV led his local tavern to refuse to reuse the glass he drank from. This kind of HIV stigma may be a memory for Dhlamini but not for everyone living with the virus.

Rejection remains real concern for people living with HIV

September 3, 2015
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

More than three decades into South Africa’s HIV epidemic, HIV knowledge in the country is dropping and falling levels of HIV savvy may have real consequences for those living with HIV.

Preaching HIV from the pulpit

June 17, 2015
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

“There is no place for judgment” Faith-Based Organisations told, as they are called to roll up their sleeves in their fight against HIV

Almost 10 percent of HIV-positive women report forced sterilisation – study

June 10, 2015
HIV and AIDS   Women's Health  

South Africa’s first national HIV stigma index has found that seven percent of HIV-positive women surveyed reported being sterilised against their will and about 40 percent reported contraception was a pre-requisite of accessing antiretrovirals (ARVs).