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SA sleeping on the most successful HIV weapons

December 3, 2018

Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), taken as a once-daily pill, has been hailed the world over as one of the major HIV prevention interventions in the fight against AIDS. Yet, apart form sex workers, very few South Africans are using PrEP or even know it exists.

Limpopo Health cuts ties with ARVs distributor

May 22, 2018
HIV Treatment   News   OurHealth  

LIMPOPO – The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) will be monitoring the readiness of public health facilities in Moutse before the Department of Health begins the process of transferring HIV patients from the Ndlovu Care Group into public health facilities of their choice.

Norah takes sex education to schools

April 5, 2017
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

Diagnosed HIV positive at birth, pregnant at 16, raped at 19 – a young woman raised in Soweto is using her own life experiences to teach young people about HIV and unwanted pregnancy.

Transgender and HIV: stigma sabotages prevention

December 5, 2016

Transgender people are one of the key populations identified as being at a higher risk of HIV – but they face stigma from society and healthcare workers. One transgender man explains why his community “needs attention now”.

Making the dwindling AIDS dollars go further

July 18, 2016
AIDS 2016  

As HIV donor funding dwindles, the world is looking for ways to make less money go further – and one of the best investments is using ARVs to prevent new infections in people most at risk.

Children benefit from ‘power of prevention’ – but not adults

July 13, 2016

HIV infection rates amongst children in eastern and southern Africa are steadily declining.

Love, stigma and HIV

November 4, 2015
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

A stroke prompted 41-year-old Andrew Matekane to test for HIV and like many, dealing with his new diagnosis was not easy for him or his partner.