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SA sleeping on the most successful HIV weapons

December 3, 2018

Oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), taken as a once-daily pill, has been hailed the world over as one of the major HIV prevention interventions in the fight against AIDS. Yet, apart form sex workers, very few South Africans are using PrEP or even know it exists.

HIV cure ‘smacks of quackery’ – scientist

November 6, 2018

A new HIV cure, being punted on social media, “smacks of quackery”, according to a prominent HIV scientist.

Teen pregnancies down, TB cure up

February 1, 2018

Teen pregnancies have dropped, while our cure rate for tuberculosis (TB) is the highest in a decade.

HIV won’t take away my smile

Accepting a positive HIV status can be difficult: One Free State woman shares her journey.

HIV still our biggest killer, but deaths halved

November 30, 2016
HIV and AIDS  

HIV is the biggest killer of South Africans, but deaths from the virus have almost halved in six years thanks to the country’s antiretroviral treatment programme