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HIV cure ‘smacks of quackery’ – scientist

November 6, 2018

A new HIV cure, being punted on social media, “smacks of quackery”, according to a prominent HIV scientist.

Miracle HIV cure man visits SA

September 12, 2017
HIV Treatment  

Timothy Ray Brown is one in 70 million – the only person in the world who has been cured of HIV.

Cancer and HIV fields collaborate for a cure

August 7, 2017

Revolutions in cancer treatment are being tested in HIV in the hopes it will bring the world closer to a cure.

How ‘special’ individuals could hold the key to HIV cure

July 25, 2017
HIV and AIDS  

A South African child has controlled HIV without drugs for over eight years in a highly rare and special case.

Search for AIDS cure to be intensified

The search for an AIDS cure will be intensified, according to the International AIDS Society (IAS), which yesterday published its cure strategies and priorities.