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HIV: One child infected every two minutes

November 30, 2018

AIDS kills 76 adolescents around the world every day, and some 360 000 will die by 2030 unless “urgent” action is taken.

No more victim blaming: Preventing HIV in young women

May 14, 2018

An estimated 2 000 new HIV infections occur in young women and girls every week in South Africa. Two high-profile programmes are aiming to address this crisis. In this joint Spotlight/Health-e News Service special investigation goes beyond the bells and whistles and asks what difference these programmes are really making. By AMY GREEN.

How ‘special’ individuals could hold the key to HIV cure

July 25, 2017
HIV and AIDS  

A South African child has controlled HIV without drugs for over eight years in a highly rare and special case.

Beating denial: Learning to live with HIV

Today marks the second anniversary of this young woman’s positive HIV test – a two-year journey of highs and lows.

Curse of the ‘blessers’

July 18, 2016
HIV and AIDS   News   OurHealth  

Health minister launches plan to keep girls in school – and out of the clutches of abusive sugar daddies.

Children benefit from ‘power of prevention’ – but not adults

July 13, 2016

HIV infection rates amongst children in eastern and southern Africa are steadily declining.

Raising an HIV Positive child is not child’s play

July 13, 2016
HIV and AIDS   OurHealth  

Malebo* was sick when she gave birth to her daughter 12 years ago, and soon realised her newborn was too. Medical tests done at the time confirmed that both mother and child were HIV positive. She tells Mpho Lekgetho her story.