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Many miles for youth service

August 3, 2018

Ananelang Tumi Motumi (26), who has just returned from Amsterdam following a reward trip to the World AIDS Conference 2018, describes the experience as the best time of her life.

Prince Harry and Elton John target men

July 25, 2018
AIDS 2018  

AMSTERDAM – Prince Harry and Elton John on Tuesday launched a $1,2-billion new initiative called MenStar, aimed at reducing HIV in men at the International AIDS Conference.

Charlize says HIV driven by exclusion of groups

July 24, 2018
AIDS 2018   HIV and AIDS  

AMSTERDAM: The ongoing spread of HIV is directly linked to the inferior status of girls and women globally, Academy Award winning actress Charlize Theron told the International AIDS Conference today (24 July).

South Africa slashes HIV infection rate by 44%

July 18, 2018
HIV and AIDS   News   OurHealth   Reports  

Over the past five years, SA has cut its rate of new HIV infections by 44%, but young people are still at risk, according to theSouth African National HIV Prevalence, Incidence, Behaviour and Communication Survey of 2017.

HIV positive mom’s breastfeeding worries

June 13, 2018
HIV and AIDS   News   OurHealth  

LIMPOPO – After living in denial of being HIV positive, a rural mother has finally come to accept her status through a process of questioning whether or not to breastfeed her new baby.

Abortion: the legal service mostly illegally performed

January 29, 2018

Healthworkers who refuse to help women who want abortions are driving them into the arms of illegal abortionists who perform over half of the country’s procedures. But activists believe it is time to stop stigmatizing this legal service.

How small mistakes can lead to death

October 3, 2017
HIV Treatment   News   OurHealth  

MPUMALANGA – A simple question never asked, miscommunication, no communication or a patient’s fear of speaking to a busy nurse are all small issues that can end up becoming life-threatening disasters.