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Chef cooks up recipe for healthy tuck shop

May 31, 2019

Mother, chef and self-proclaimed health food guru Labani Mgimeti, is a woman on a mission.  She has taken it upon herself to revolutionise a school tuck shop from a den of sodas and junk food to a haven of health food.

Easter: How much chocolate is too much?

April 18, 2019
Features   News  

It’s Easter time and children (and adults) are gearing up for an Easter egg hunt, but how much chocolate is too much and what constitutes a sugar binge versus a treat?

Work out at home for a healthier, fitter you

January 2, 2019

Vuyo Radebe, an Mthatha-born fitness celebrity, is inspiring people on social media to live a healthy life style.

Madala keeps fit at 64

October 17, 2018

Years after retiring from boxing, Seabelo “HappyBoy” Rapulana (64) continues to keep fit.

Healthy eating in schools addressed by community engagement

July 27, 2018

One in every five pre-school children in South Africa do not receive adequate nutrition, negatively impacting their development. But at the same time, many are already overweight or obese.

How one man’s spinach business led to a revolution

October 11, 2017
Health Management  

In poor communities healthy food is less accessible, affordable and tasty. But, with a vegetable and a business plan, one man has started a healthy-eating revolution in a Western Cape township based on spinach.