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SA’s HIV score: ‘A’ for meds, ‘F’ for condoms

January 31, 2019

While South Africa has increased HIV spending at district level with stellar results, access to condoms has plummeted, according to the latest District Health Barometer (DHB).

How would you tell your child they are HIV-positive?

December 17, 2018

When having ‘the talk’ is about more than just the ‘birds and bees’.

Health staff shortages make NHI a ‘pipe dream’

December 12, 2018

Universal health coverage (UHC) or National Health Insurance (NHI) will remain a “pipe dream” if human resources for health, especially in rural areas, aren’t urgently addressed.

State is also ‘captured’ by incompetence

February 5, 2018

Twenty three years after South Africa’s first democratic elections, many Eastern Cape residents still live in dire poverty – held hostage as much by incompetent officials as corrupt ones. Is there any political will to turn the country’s poorest municipalities around?

Teen pregnancies down, TB cure up

February 1, 2018

Teen pregnancies have dropped, while our cure rate for tuberculosis (TB) is the highest in a decade.

Report: 2013 District Health Barometer

Health Systems Trust’s latest District Health Barometer, which provides district-level statistics on indicators such as maternal mortality, childhood immunisations and cervical cancer screening.