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Nthabiseng Moloi used life’s hard knocks to open doors of inspiration

October 9, 2015
Disability   HIV and AIDS  

Born blind, abandoned by her parents, then gang raped and contracting HIV, may be too much for any one person to handle in one lifetime.

Mpumalanga learners ‘beaten daily for anything with pipes, sticks’

October 7, 2015
Children's Health   News   Policy and Legislation  

The South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) has said there has been a “rise in incidents of corporal punishment in schools across the country” after it has received reports of the physical and verbal abuse of learners in at least seven Mpumalanga schools.

Limpopo boy defies stigma

October 6, 2015
Disability   OurHealth  

A four-year old Limpopo boy is breaking stigmas around disability.

Where there are no ambulances

October 5, 2015
Emergency Medical Services  

In the Eastern Cape, 60-year-old men and women report never having seen an ambulance in their lives as a deadly mix of management and money fuel poor access to emergency medical services.

Your genes could predict your future, but would you want them to?

As doctors increasingly using genetic tests to predict future health, some might not like what they find gazing into science’s new crystal ball.

National inquiry to be launched into emergency medical services

October 2, 2015
Emergency Medical Services  

The South African Human Rights Commission will launch a national investigation into the state of emergency medical services (EMS) after finding just 200 of about 416 Eastern Cape public ambulances are functional in the province of 6.5 million people.

Documentary premiere: Dying in our homes

Amid a dire shortage of ambulances in the Eastern Cape patients’ lives are at risk as many calls for help go unanswered. A new Health-e News documentary, Dying In Our Homes, reveals the impact on the lives of rural families.