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Eskom wants to dodge air pollution rules – again

February 11, 2019

Energy Minister Jeff Radebe told last week’s Mining Indaba that government is investing in research to develop ‘clean coal technologies’. But Eskom’s power stations show that coal-based power cannot be clean.

Rural students lead initiative to clean the environment

August 7, 2018
OurHealth   Rural Health  

LIMPOPO – After realising that local rivers in the Vhembe district have been polluted by uninformed villagers who don’t understand the importance of the clean environment to their health, young students have made it their priority to clean and educate people about health benefits of clean environment.

Hazardous dumps near Stinkwater schools

June 18, 2014
Children's Health   OurHealth  

Dirty nappies, dead dogs and rotting food continue to flank primary schools north east of Pretoria as the community of Stinkwater wages a never-ending war on public dumping.

Proposed legislation: Environmental health norms, standards

September 27, 2013
Policy and Legislation   Reports  

Published for public comment on 20 September 2013, these norms and standards govern areas such as port health, water quality monitoring and hazardous materials management.