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Urban-rural inequalities will hamper a successful NHI

April 10, 2019

Rural areas bear the brunt of healthcare worker shortages and this inequality needs to be solved, before any form of National Health Insurance (NHI) is possible.

Are workless doctors being ‘picky’?

January 21, 2019

After turning down placements at rural hospitals, hundreds of newly qualified doctors remain unemployed while the country’s rural state hospitals remain desperately understaffed because of a complex – yet fixable – situation. Health-e News’ Amy Green investigates whether these health professionals are being ‘picky’ and what possible solutions there are to this senseless situation.

It takes more than just prayer to heal people

December 28, 2018

Doreen Madlalate, an oncology nurse at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital, tells Pontsho Pilane about why she preaches the gospel of health to her fellow churchgoers.

Beauty contest for disabled rural women a hit

October 18, 2018

LIMPOPO – As results of a huge number of participants and attendance drawn by a beauty contest staged to empower and uplift rural women living with various disabilities, the organisers have promised to make the contest an annual event.

Patients stranded after clinic torched

April 4, 2017
News   OurHealth  

Recent protest action by angry residents at Duduza in Ekurhuleni has left sick people in a vulnerable position after their local clinic was so badly damaged it can no longer function.

Ten reasons to go rural

Nationwide, health care students from nurses to psychologists are gearing up to submit their preferences for their community service placements. Our rural doctor-turned-blogger gives them 10 reasons to “go rural.”

BLOG: Twerking and working

February 5, 2014
Rural Reflections  

The first day of community service can be nerve-wracking, even for the most “battle-hardened” of doctors.