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Breast milk reserves in danger of running out

July 10, 2019

The South African Breastmilk Reserve is calling for breastmilk donations to replenish its depleting stock.

HIV positive mom’s breastfeeding worries

June 13, 2018
HIV and AIDS   News   OurHealth  

LIMPOPO – After living in denial of being HIV positive, a rural mother has finally come to accept her status through a process of questioning whether or not to breastfeed her new baby.

Parents urged to act as childhood obesity rates climb

Experts urged parents to lead by example and help tackle childhood obesity, on World Obesity Day yesterday.

Simple step to cleverer kids

August 2, 2016
Children's Health  

It protects the health of mother and baby, increases intelligence, and reduces behavioural problems among children.

Opinion: I’ll #BreastfeedAnywhereAnytime

Thousands of rands have been spent promoting breastfeeding for babies, so why do we treat mums who do like criminals, asks Sizile Makola, who has started the #BreastfeedAnywhereAnytime social media campaign.