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Easter: How much chocolate is too much?

April 18, 2019

It’s Easter time and children (and adults) are gearing up for an Easter egg hunt, but how much chocolate is too much and what constitutes a sugar binge versus a treat?

SA’s obesity caused by big business not greedy people

January 29, 2019

Malnutrition, which includes both obesity and undernutrition, is the leading cause of poor health around the world, and the culprits for the costly obesity epidemic aren’t individual couch potatoes. Instead, governments have failed to curb ‘big food’ placing everybody’s health at stake, according to a major report.

Our obesity epidemic is not a personal choice

October 12, 2018

The pandemic of obesity in South Africa is a result of our ‘Americanised’ food environment and the responsibility should be shifted from individuals to government policies, according to experts.

The battle over ‘healthy’ food

September 12, 2016

There is a huge global battle – often covert – over what constitutes healthy food. But civil society organisations in countries like Mexico are taking on the propaganda of ‘Big Food’ – and winning.

SA’s food chain a noose around women’s necks

August 11, 2015

Despite the current hype about Women’s Month, no one is more likely to be hungry than the women of this country.