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Untreated depression bad for business

February 4, 2015
Mental Health   Statistics  

From absenteeism to “presenteeism,” depression could be costing South African business more than it thinks, according to a study released today.

Report: Estimating the size of the sex worker population in South Africa

January 14, 2015
HIV and AIDS   Men's Health   Reports   Statistics   Women's Health  

Led by the Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce (SWEAT), this research estimates that there are about 153,000 sex workers operating in South Africa.

Study estimates 153,000 sex workers active in South Africa

First of its kind research released yesterday shows that South Africa is home to about 153,000 sex workers as a new plan aims to decriminalise one of the world’s oldest professions.

Report: South African Health Review 2013-14

Released annually by the Health Systems Trust, the South African Health Review is comprised of 17 chapters on topical health issues.

Report: District Health Barometer 2013-14

Released annually by the Health Systems Trust, the District Health Barometer compiles information from the District Health Information System, the electronic tuberculosis (TB) register and the National Treasury

AIDS still extracting a deadly price, but SA is making progress

South Africa has more AIDS-related deaths than any country in the world, but deaths of young children have decreased more than ten-fold in the past decade and tuberculosis (TB) deaths have decreased by 6 percent.

Report: Global Fund targets in South African prisons

July 3, 2014
Reports   Statistics   Tuberculosis (TB)  

Released by the TB non-profit the Aurum Institute, this document outlines organisations receiving international funding to address TB in prisons as well as goals and timelines.