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Transgender and HIV: stigma sabotages prevention

Transgender people are one of the key populations identified as being at a higher risk of HIV – but they face stigma from society and healthcare workers. One transgender man explains why his community “needs attention now”.

Placing pleasure at the heart of safe sex

There’s a new sex toy in town – an erotic accessory that increases sexual pleasure and keeps you safe. Because it’s such a potent weapon in combatting HIV the government is distributing them to all corners of the country. Now they just have to persuade young people to use them.

R9 billion needed to close contraception gap

More than 20 million young women are not accessing contraception globally, resulting in about 10 million unintended pregnancies each year, according to a new report by US reproductive health and rights organisation Guttmacher Institute.

Erectile dysfunction not just for those ‘silver foxes’

February 26, 2016
Men's Health   OurHealth   Sexuality  

Erectile dysfunction is not just for older men. While studies show that even younger men battle the condition, most men may not be ready to talk about it.

Are we obsessed with tighter vaginas?

December 18, 2015
OurHealth   Sexuality   Women's Health  

A Chinese dried fruit delicacy is selling like hot cakes in the Free State as women believe the fruit will give them tighter, more youthful vaginas. Experts say the obsession with the mythical tight vagina says as about our understanding of anatomy as it does about our times.

Teen’s suicide highlights risk for LGBTI youth

August 14, 2015
Children's Health   LGBTI   News   OurHealth   Sexuality  

While locals are still reeling about the suicide of 14-year-old Klara Göttert, who took her life at Northgate Mall this week, another mother in the Free State’s rural town of Bethlehem is also mourning the death by suicide of her 18-year-old daughter.

Young East Rand lesbians wear the pants

August 3, 2015
Gender   Sexual Violence   Sexuality  

Knowledge of the Constitution is enabling young lesbian women on the East Rand to fight for their rights and to ‘walk tall’ in the face of persecution. They are eking out spaces for themselves through small daily acts of defiance.