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Liquor board fights alcohol abuse in rural Eastern Cape

July 21, 2017
Alcohol & Drugs   OurHealth   Rural Health  

In its efforts to reduce alcohol abuse among young people, the Eastern Cape Liquor Board has been hosting sports tournaments in different parts of the province.

Rural grannies are fighting old age through football

July 5, 2017
OurHealth   Rural Health  

LIMPOPO – Twice a week a group of 28 grannies gathers at the Tshifulanani Stadium, outside of Thohoyandou, to exercise and play football.

Limpopo woman gives birth on the street

May 3, 2017
News   OurHealth   Rural Health  

A pregnant woman, who was sent home after arriving at her local clinic with severe abdominal pains, gave birth to a healthy baby girl in the street a short while later.

Empty promises leave residents thirsty

January 31, 2017
News   OurHealth   Rural Health   Water & Sanitation  

Residents of KaBokweni township situated just outside of Nelspruit have gone without an adequate fresh water supply for several months and their ongoing protests have fallen on deaf ears.

Albino’s are still living under fear

September 29, 2016
OurHealth   Rural Health  

KWA-ZULU NATAL – The mother of a four-year-old albino boy, who disappeared more than three months ago, is terrified that he was snatched for muti.

Rural grannies walk for health

June 30, 2016
OurHealth   Rural Health  

In a remote rural village, community leaders are educating the elderly about how to stay healthy

Mothers say ‘no’ to bush initiation

June 22, 2016
Rural Health  

Rural Vhembe mothers in Limpopo have refused to send their sons to bush initiation schools this year saying they valued their sons lives more than they did the age-old tradition.