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Public sector struggles for funds to serve bulk of population

October 15, 2001
Public Health & Health Systems  

The access to health services in South Africa remains severely skewed where more than 80 percent of people have no medical aid or health insurance and rely on a depleted public health service to meet their needs.

Racial bias still distorts social services

August 17, 2001
Public Health & Health Systems  

There was an urgent need to make healthcare facilities and services for the elderly more accessible to the entire population in the Western Cape and not only to those living in Sea Point and Claremont, delegates argued at the recent racism conference held in the province.

“Surfing” not safe for eyes

August 3, 2001
Public Health & Health Systems  

South Africans who are as at home surfing the Internet as they are at catching waves are in double danger of damaging their eyes.