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Limpopo gogos swipe condoms for aches

September 4, 2015
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That condom lubricant can soothe arthritic joints may have become the condom myth that just will not die as fresh reports suggest elderly Limpopo residents are falling victim to the hype.


Separating cancer fact from fiction

We’ve been told that everything from baby bottles to Brazilian Blowouts can cause cancer. Now, Health-e News separates cancer fact from fiction.

The price of denial

In June 1999 Thabo Mbeki became president. And so began one of the most destructive episodes in our recent history ‘€“ AIDS denialism. Mbeki questioned the very existence of a sexually-transmitted virus that caused AIDS.

Taking on the Quacks

Welcome to CAPETOWN ‘€“ the seat of a government that for many years confused it’€™s people about the best ways for treating HIV. Vitamins, olive oil, lemon and beetroot, and a number of traditional therapies were promoted over scientifically proven life-prolonging anti-retroviral treatment.