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bipolar disorder misinformation prevents people from seeking help

June 20th, 2019       OurHealth  

The mental illness affects up to 1% of the population in South Africa, yet the South African yet stigma and discrimination against people bipolar stop them from getting medical attention.

Condoms – colour counts

February 8, 2000
HIV Prevention  

February 7 to 12 is National Condom Week, yet despite the HIV/AIDS epidemic, most people are still not using condoms. Efforts to give teenagers access to condoms are hampered by conservative attitudes. One AIDS educator says although he’€™s conducted workshops at more than 400 schools in Gauteng, only five schools have allowed him to distribute […]

Living with learning difficulties

January 31, 2000
Children's Health  

Children with learning difficulties not only have to live with their problem, but also the labels that go with them. While some learning difficulties are neurological, some children struggle simply because they have not been exposed to books and pencils.

Protecting youth at risk

January 29, 2000
Alcohol & Drugs  

The growing problem of drug dependency and alcoholism among youth worldwide is well documented. At the 10th World Congress of the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency held recently in Cape Town, several presentations focused on how to protect teenagers from dangerous choices. A crucial element it seems, is in meaningful […]

Home-based care is not cheap care

January 27, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

The need for cheap alternatives to hospitalisation for patients with AIDS-related diseases has led to increasing government support for home-based care. However, a study released by the Centre for Health Policy at the University of the Witwatersrand warns that home-based care is not always a cheaper solution. The study shows that home-based care also needs […]

Facing up to the flu

January 27, 2000
Diseases and Disorders  

Flu experts hold different views as to which strain of influenza is going to hit South Africans hardest this winter, but they all agree on one thing: a flu jab is a must. An anti-flu vaccine administered in March will help boost your ability to resist the virus or to recover quicker from the flu […]

Magic Marama – The Green Gold of Africa

January 24, 2000

A wild plant that produces beans and potato-like roots, for decades harvested by the San people in Nambia, is showing huge potential towards solving many malnutrition and hunger problems in Africa, but specifically southern Africa. The marama bean is proving to be a very versatile legume, say researchers at the University of Cape Town.

Soft drink bottles help beat asthma

January 10, 2000
Science; Research & Innovations  

A resourceful attitude and creative approach to the humble plastic soft drink bottle have produced a new device to help children with asthma inhale their medication. Researchers at the University of Cape Town and the Red Cross Children’€™s hospital have designed a local version of the inhaler-spacer which costs just R1 to make and is […]