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‘TAC protected the man who sexually harassed me’

July 19th, 2019       News  

One of the country’s most influential civil society organisations and its leaders may have flouted justice to protect a close ally, according to the woman who dared to speak up about her sexual harassment.

Seeking solutions for SA rather than debating link between HIV and AIDS

May 26, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

South Africans should move beyond the counterproductive debate about the cause of AIDS to an engagement with President Thabo Mbeki’€™s main thrust of argument ‘€“ seeking solutions that are appropriate to our circumstances in Africa, according to Professor Daniel Ncayiyana, editor of the SA Medical Journal (SAMJ).

A second chance

May 22, 2000
Mental Health  

A challenge facing many deinstitutionalized psychiatric patients is finding suitable employment. At Fountain House, run by the Cape Mental Health Society, patients receive training and temporary work assignments to give them a second chance.

Coping with life on the outside

May 22, 2000
Mental Health  

Almost 700 psychiatric patients have been discharged from hospitals in the Western Cape and according to the SA Health review, more will follow. Many believe that mentally ill patients will have a better quality of life outside an institution. However, being exposed to a new kind of life outside hospital walls presents numerous challenges. Kerry […]

HIV infection rates could be an underestimate

May 19, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

A new study in the latest American Journal of Epidemiology has confirmed what experts have long suspected – that HIV infection rates based on the national antenatal surveys could well be an underestimate.

Jane Furse: a hospital in crisis

May 19, 2000
Health Management  

Dr Marcus Mumakwe’€™s wedding is giving the superintendent of Jane Furse Hospital a headache. Mumakwe wants two weeks’€™ leave but as he is one of only four doctors at a hospital that should have 13, this is a difficult request.

‘Cut-price’ anti-AIDS drugs may still cost more than generics

May 18, 2000
HIV Treatment  

The fresh offer from five major pharmaceutical companies to reduce the price of anti-AIDS drugs still does not answer the vexed question of what is their best possible discounted price.

Cautious response to drug offer

May 12, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

An announcement by the five pharmaceutical giants that they are prepared to reduce the price of key drugs used to treat people living with HIV/AIDS, has been met with scepticism.