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Coca-Cola reformulates drinks to cut sugar

May 23rd, 2019       News  

According to the beverage manufacturer, more South Africans are choosing its no- and low-calorie range but declined to reveal sales figures.

Tough choices in TB prevention and treatment

December 21, 1999
Tuberculosis (TB)  

Giving some patients priority over over may be tough, but it is necessary if the TB epidemic is to be beaten with limited resources. This is the logic of international experts who are urging South Africa to pour resources into curing new cases of ordinary TB rather than spending any more money trying to treat […]

Carletonville shows HIV epidemic can be managed

December 21, 1999
HIV and AIDS  

Sex workers are leading the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS on the mines around Carltonville. The challenge is daunting — a recent survey shows 47 percent of women and 40 percent of men from both the township and the shacks are HIV positive, while 28 percent of mineworkers are infected. However, since the Carltonville […]

Health system failures result in maternal deaths

December 8, 1999
Women's Health  

Almost half the maternal deaths in South Africa during 1998 were preventable. This is according to the Health Department’s Confidential Enquiry into maternal deaths in South Africa. The report identifies numerous shortcomings in the health care system, many of which concern failures in the referral and transport systems between health institutions. The Department of Health […]

Courage to deliver?
Government’s response to AIDS

December 2, 1999
HIV and AIDS  

The question is simple, the answer is not. How do you explain the fact that South Africa has one of the best AIDS plan in the world, but also the fastest growing epidemic?

Business and AIDS: Lots of concern, little cash

December 1, 1999
HIV and AIDS  

“We are burying about three truck drivers a day because of AIDS, and at this rate we will have no drivers left by 2003,” says Paul Matthew, acting chief executive office of the Road Freight Association’€™s training board. But even though forecasts for the trucking industry are dire, Matthew says it’€™s a “slow process” getting […]

Searching for hope and acceptance
Religious response to AIDS

November 30, 1999
HIV and AIDS  

When she realised she was HIV positive, Faghmeda Miller’€™s first thoughts were: “I have shamed my family, they are going to shun me”. But the church needs to be able to offer hope and acceptance to people living with AIDS.

Beating back hunger

November 17, 1999

Driving to the Sipetu and Mary Theresa hospitals in the Eastern Cape is not for the fainthearted, but every month hundreds of people brave the potholes, mud (when it’s raining) and distances in excess of 50km to bring their severely malnourished children for treatment. More than a year ago most of the mothers would have […]