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Coca-Cola reformulates drinks to cut sugar

May 23rd, 2019       News  

According to the beverage manufacturer, more South Africans are choosing its no- and low-calorie range but declined to reveal sales figures.

Safe abortions still unavailable to many

February 14, 2000
Women's Health  

Fewer than half the state hospitals and clinics chosen to provide termination of pregnancy procedures are offering the service to pregnant women. This is according to the South African Health Review 1999 released yesterday (wed feb.9) by the Health Systems Trust.

Community service doctors make a difference

February 11, 2000
Rural Health  

Community service for doctors in South Africa was conceived amid controversy, but has emerged as a symbol of the commitment of the health department and the medical establishment to equity in the health system, according to the SA Health Review. But a concern remains the fact that unclear policy guidelines in the first year of […]

Majority of community service doctors opt to stay in the public service

February 11, 2000
Rural Health  

Most of the doctors who completed their community service year at the end of 1999 intended remaining in the public service, while a large percentage were planning to go overseas.

Provinces hamper health equity

February 11, 2000
Health Funding  

Ever since provinces were given the power to allocate their own budgets, provincial health departments have been battling to get enough funds. Three health economists propose that central government establishes national norms and standards for health services to ensure that provinces allocate enough money to health.

Not too healthy yet

February 11, 2000
Policy and Legislation  

At the level of words and policies South Africa’€™s health system is broadly on track towards a more effective and equitable service, but implementation and delivery still have a long way to go.

Condoms – colour counts

February 8, 2000
HIV Prevention  

February 7 to 12 is National Condom Week, yet despite the HIV/AIDS epidemic, most people are still not using condoms. Efforts to give teenagers access to condoms are hampered by conservative attitudes. One AIDS educator says although he’€™s conducted workshops at more than 400 schools in Gauteng, only five schools have allowed him to distribute […]

Living with learning difficulties

January 31, 2000
Children's Health  

Children with learning difficulties not only have to live with their problem, but also the labels that go with them. While some learning difficulties are neurological, some children struggle simply because they have not been exposed to books and pencils.