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Food justice is a pipe dream without tackling industry

May 20th, 2019       Opinion & Commentary  

The lack of access to healthy food is both a cause and a symptom of South Africa's structural inequalities.

HIV infection rates could be an underestimate

May 19, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

A new study in the latest American Journal of Epidemiology has confirmed what experts have long suspected – that HIV infection rates based on the national antenatal surveys could well be an underestimate.

Jane Furse: a hospital in crisis

May 19, 2000
Health Management  

Dr Marcus Mumakwe’€™s wedding is giving the superintendent of Jane Furse Hospital a headache. Mumakwe wants two weeks’€™ leave but as he is one of only four doctors at a hospital that should have 13, this is a difficult request.

‘Cut-price’ anti-AIDS drugs may still cost more than generics

May 18, 2000
HIV Treatment  

The fresh offer from five major pharmaceutical companies to reduce the price of anti-AIDS drugs still does not answer the vexed question of what is their best possible discounted price.

Cautious response to drug offer

May 12, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

An announcement by the five pharmaceutical giants that they are prepared to reduce the price of key drugs used to treat people living with HIV/AIDS, has been met with scepticism.

Attack on drug companies at hearings into AIDS

May 12, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

What was supposed to be hearings by parliament’€™s health portfolio committee into finding solutions to South Africa’€™s high number of HIV infections, turned into an attack on the pharmaceutical industry this week. But with good reason

How is the South African government dealing with the AIDS epidemic?

May 9, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Tragically, South Africa has failed to manage and control the spread of HIV. Although a comprehensive national plan to fight the epidemic was formulated by a range of organisations before 1994, this has not been put into practice effectively.

New Medical Schemes Act increases access for many

May 9, 2000
Health Funding  

Although too early to accurately determine, medical schemes are reporting a positive response to the newly promulgated Medical Schemes Act, which allows people to join schemes without being penalised on the basis of age or health status.