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The dark side of skin lightening

May 24th, 2019       OurHealth  

Despite warnings on the dangers of using illegal skin lightening products, women continue to use these creams.

Industry in support of plans to fortify staple foods

August 4, 2000

The Chamber of Milling, a body representing the maize and flour industry, has come out in support of moves by Government to enrich the staple foods of South Africans, such as maize meal, bread flour and possibly sugar despite concerns over the cost implications.

Adding weight to staple foods may add height to SA children

August 2, 2000

South Africa is considering enriching staple foods such as maize meal, bread flour and possibly sugar following the finding of a health department survey that one in five children between the ages of one and nine years is stunted.

Workers’€™ compensation ‘€“ too little, too late

July 28, 2000
Occupational Health  

The Compensation Commissioner’€™s Office has been strongly criticised for the time it takes to settle workers’€™ occupational health claims. Some say this is the fault of companies that obstruct the commission’€™s work, but regardless of where the blame lies, it is workers like Derick Wolfaardt who suffer the consequences. Jo Stein reports.

Nevirapine ‘€“ when will we decide?

July 28, 2000
HIV Prevention  

The Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) is heading for a showdown with the government if it does not approve the use of Nevirapine to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV. The question of giving Nevirapine to pregnant women is on the agenda for the next MINMEC meeting on August 12 when the Minister of Health, […]

Beyond statistics

July 21, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Ella and Paul Hartley’s lifestyle characterises the lifestyle of many South African middle-class whites. Their neat small home is in Sasolburg’s suburbia. They have three children. He works, she is a housewife and they have two pet dogs. By Cecelia Russel.

The conference of death

July 18, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Death and sex. That is what the AIDS 2000 conference is really about behind all the meetings, debates, symposiums, graphs and statistics.

Talking to HIV positive children about death and dying

July 17, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Gail Johnson adopted Nkosi Johnson when he was three years old. Despite being HIV positive, Nkosi is now eleven. Nkosi dreamed the other night that a voice told him he must die. When Gail asked him if he wanted to die, Nkosi said, “No, not yet.” “Well then,” replied Gail, “We’€™ve got to fight.”