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Tackling abortion stigma in Tembisa

June 26th, 2019       News  

Activists say the stigma women face when seeking abortion services at public facilities increases the demand for unsafe abortions.

World grapples with tobacco control

October 13, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

The first ever hearings by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to adopt a convention to control tobacco products worldwide began in Geneva yesterday (Thursday). SUE VALENTINE reports.

Tobacco companies declare: smoking causes cancer

October 13, 2000
Cancer and Tobacco Control  

Tobacco giants Philip Morris and British American Tobacco both stated explicitly yesterday that nicotine is addictive and that smoking causes a variety of diseases. SUE VALENTINE reports.

Low muscle tone and young children

October 12, 2000
Children's Health  

Three-year-old Alexander Heyns plays next to his mother at the physiotherapy centre, fitting shapes together into a box. “Look, mama, they are all in now,” he says, blue eyes sparkling. “When he first came here, he would never do this,” says his mother, Lynette. “He would come in shouting and charge around, touching everything. He […]

Quality of health care declines in SA

October 12, 2000
Health Funding  

Citizens’€™ access to healthcare services ‘€“ a right guaranteed in the Constitution — has deteriorated in many areas since 1994, despite the fact that pregnant women and children under the age of six now get free care.

No clarity on unicity health staff transfers

October 12, 2000
Health Management  

Despite the decision to transfer over 2 500 health workers from Gauteng province to Johannesburg once it becomes a unicity, no formal agreement exists between the city’€™s management and the province on how this will happen. KERRY CULLINAN reports.

Living with AIDS Programme 4

October 10, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

In this audio feature, a look at how the anti- AIDS Mother to Child Treatment programme works in Khayelitsha and meet one of the women who received AZT during her pregnancy.

Provinces delay on Nevirapine research

October 9, 2000
HIV and AIDS  

Few provinces appear to have responded to an October 1 deadline for identifying their own sites for testing the efficacy of the drug Nevirapine in preventing mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV. KERRY CULLINAN reports.